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13 Celebrities Rocking African Print Clothing

13 Celebrities Rocking African Print Clothing

Over the last few decades, African print fabrics have received growing global recognition and acclaim, and it's really no wonder. African fabric is so immense, intricate and beautiful, with a wonderful range of bold colors and designs.

Here at Grass-fields we handmake a range of African wax print clothing, but we recognize there are a range of techniques and fabrics used in the manufacturing process.

These are the top three ways to make African print:

  • Ankara wax print fabric - this undergoes an intricate process whereby wax patterns (which stop color reaching certain parts of the fabric) are transferred onto the fabric, then dyes are added bit by bit

  • Bogolan (mud cloth) is produced via the painstaking process of colors being painted onto the cloth (often via hand) using stencils and natural pigments from the earth and other elements of nature.

  • Kente is cloth that is intricately woven to produce stunning, colorful fabrics and bold designs that are often used as ceremonial cloths by many Africans and African Americans.

All three can be used to represent culture, status, fashion or personality - it's all dependent on the person at hand. One thing is certain though - whilst wearing African clothing, you're bound to always stand out!

So it's no surprise that African print fabrics have started to take the world by storm, and we love it! So, in celebration of this, here are our favourite 13 celebrities rocking African print fabric.

Michelle Obama

Former First Lady of the USA Michelle Obama is a huge fan of African prints. During her husband’s two terms as the President of the United States the fashionable FLOTUS was often seen sporting mud cloth or African wax print fabric, looking effortlessly elegant, beautiful and iconic in each outfit.

Gwen Stefani

As a music and fashion icon, it is no surprise when Gwen Stefani is unafraid to step out in bold geometric African fashion pieces, as you can see in the images above. We particularly love how she's accessorized these looks with a variety of bangles, but minimal other jewellery. There's truly no doubt that she knows how to embrace and rock an African look!


Barbadian queen Rihanna looks incredible in African print! Our favourite has to be the look on the left - an outfit she donned when she paid a visit to the White House. The Bajan beauty teamed her bright Ankara dress with a striped shirt on underneath, with simple black strapped heels, handbag, and silver hoop earrings. When you're rocking African print fabric, you don't need to draw attention anywhere else!


Let’s face it, Queen Bey looks amazing whatever she wears, but her beauty really stands out when she rocks a stunning African print number. We simply adore her outfits here, but most particulalry the one on the right. When your headwrap matches your dress, you know you're looking on point!

Check out Beyonce on The Only Way is Ghana blog for ten occasions on which she looked exceptionally gorgeous in various African styles.

Alicia Keys

15-time Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter, producer AND actress, Alicia Keys is another beautiful celebrity who rocks African print. She really is the queen of natural beauty, and stole the show when she wore no-makeup and a stunning red dress for the 2016 MTV VMAs.

Lady Gaga

Granted, some of Lady Gaga’s fashion choices can be pretty questionable but she looks fab (and quite normal for a change) in this African print jacket. We adore how the shirt ruffles and cinches her in at the waist, and we just can't get enough of those purple gloves and heels!

Kim Kardashian

No matter what your view on the Kardashians, there is no denying Kim’s beauty and powerful fashion sense. The reality starlet keeps up with the trends in African print, looking gorgeous in this figure hugging dress. Kim always, always rocks a great African print fabric. If you've got it, work it!

Solange Knowles

American singer, songwriter, dancer, model and actress, Solange Knowles is a stunning style icon in African print. How many women have you seen rock a suit like Solange on the left? She really knows how to embrace a look, with gorgeous styles that compliment her body shape and fierce hair that looks sexy as hell.

Elle Varner

Gorgeous American neo-soul singer-songwriter Elle Varner looked a million dollars in the video for her 2014 hit ‘Only Wanna Give It To You’ wearing a striking Kente cloth dress. We love how she's paired African print fabric with bold colors, such as orange and yellow. Sometimes black just isn't enough!

Nicki Minaj

Queen of twerkin' rapper, actress, and model Nicki Minaj looks hotter than ever in African print fabric. This lucky girl can probably afford a range of beautiful African print clothes, and does she know how to pull them off! If in doubt, we suspect she probably just tries another colored wig, flashes that huge grin, and everyone melts!

Dreya Michele

Model, actress and media personality of 'Basketball Wives' fame Dreya Michele looks fantastic in this African print top and hot pants ensemble. We honestly don't know how anyone would have failed to stare at her amazing legs in this outfit though!

We don't often see African print paired with nude accessories, so a massive thumbs up from us on that!

Jackie Appiah

It’s great to know that the embracing of African prints is not just a Hollywood fad. Jackie Appiah, a Canadian-born Ghanaian actress, looks simply stunning in a bright and beautiful African print number at Cannes Film Festival (left). The bold contrast between orange and green tailoring, with the subtle pink sneaking through, makes this piece an elegant and interesting dress. We love how Jackie also paired it with a bright orange beaded choker!

Nadia Buari

Another stunning Ghanaian actress, Nadia Buari - one of the most popular and influential actresses in Ghana today - looks amazing in these gorgeous African print outfits. We love how one has gone for a flash of print, whereas the other has wholeheartedly mish-mashed a range of colors and patterns onto one African playsuit.

With celebrities throughout the world embracing African prints and all they symbolize, we know that this trend has cemented itself as a permanent fixture in the lives of people around the globe - and what a welcome addition to our wardrobes it is!

Which of the celebrity outfits above do you prefer? Let us know in the comments!

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