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13 Awesome Natural Hair Bloggers on Instagram and YouTube

13 Awesome Natural Hair Bloggers on Instagram and YouTube

Instagram and Youtube are inspirational places for all things natural afro curly hair & beauty. If you have natural black afro curly hair and enjoy using Instagram or YouTube, then you’ve probably have already followed or double tapped a post from one of these 13 natural afro curly hair bloggers.

Not all bloggers are treated the same as we all have our favourites. Each lady has a unique style, presentation, and sophistication when looking after and styling their hair. You can drool over their pictures and see they really enjoy presenting and displaying their natural tresses. If you are not already following these natural hair bloggers, then we’d recommend you check them out!

22nd Century Natural Woman

Just Smile, #22ndcenturynaturalwoman

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Following this sista on Instagram is a pure joy – she represents real hair goals! Without doubt she has the longest Afro curly 4B hair we have ever seen. Her hair is over 30 inches long and sits at hip length! Her content is informational, with a bohemian, alternative twist. Great if you after a more grown up feel. And if you have kids, she has bonus videos that will help you look after their hair. She shares her home, work life, along with kids.

If you are a natural girl all the way, rest assured this lady is for you. She has some of the best black natural hair care information on the internet! She repeatedly makes it clear that hair health is her number one goal, which means you can feel safe with the information she provides. She grew her long afro curly hair using length retention techniques and African threading. She is fun and always a pleasure to listen to on YouTube, and her Instagram channel is full of valuable information and useful hair care tips. From the information placed on her channel, you will learn the main tricks to growing long hair - through length retention and African threading.

Jewelliana Palencia

Jewlliana is a young, fun and trendy naturalista with 4a waist length afro curly hair. Her hair tutorials are diverse and easy to grasp and her channel is more suited to those in their early to mid 20s. If urban or casually trendy fashion is what you are after, her style is everything you need. She grew her 4a afro curly hair using braiding and oiling methods. Her blogging presentation is flawless, as she not only shares ways to keep your hair healthy and well maintained, but is a big fan of oils in moderation.

It’s always a pleasure to see the younger generation joining the natural hair movement. This gives us hope with knowing that the younger ones are embracing their natural beauty, and not feeling lost in a society where only one form of beauty is promoted. Jewelliana is one of those ladies, and as her name suggests she is a true jewel to the natural hair world

Shawntas Way

Shawnta is a health coach, who believes we all have the power within to achieve our life goals. Shawnta has 3c (bra strap length) natural black hair. We have been following her informative videos on YouTube, and we find her Instagram channel just as useful! Shawnta is the perfect balance between bohemian and trendy, so you can get the best of both worlds following her! We feel her channel is suited to a variety of ag groups from 18-60+. You won’t believe how she makes styling look so easy and beautiful -from product reviews to hair tutorials you can find it all on her channel.

Ebony's Curly TV

Ebony is a Youtube vlogger and hair blogger enthusiast. Her style is laid back and easy to follow. Her stunning 3b hair is enough to make you click the ‘follow’ button in an instant. She grew her hair with no particular technique – she claims she simply did wash and go’s. As she provides a variety of hair care information, we feel her channel is suited to all age groups. Her style is casual and super laid back.

Watch out though, her channel very addictive! She has a flair for creating a look that will make you envious for long hair yourself – but don’t worry, your time will come! Her YouTube tutorials are packed with information to help you also grow tail bone length natural hair, so listen carefully and learn from her useful tips.

Jamielle Laura

This age defying natural hair goddess is not only a mum, she is an actress fulfilling her dreams one step at a time. She simply knows her stuff and taps right into the nitty gritty bits of maintaining long natural hair. Her tail bone length 3b Afro curly hair will instantly get you hooked into scrolling through more images on her Instagram channel. Although she doesn’t say there is any particular product to attribute to her gorgeous black hair – she says its simply genetics and good maintenance!

Her channel is more suited to the mid 20s age group and her style can be described as glam. As a bonus, you also tune into her YouTube channel for more tutorials on hair and makeup.

Empress Tae

Empress Tae is an awesome natural hair blogger on Instagram. She is a momtrepreneur and an empress all in one! If you want richness in your hair, then this is the lady to check out regularly -it’s one of the first things you notice on her channel! You can’t help but drool over such defined, shiny & well-nourished curls that shines its way into your soul.

She grew her “bra strap length” 3b natural hair with constant nourishing. We would say her channel is more suited to grown up women, especially those that are family orientated. She is a mixture of glam with a Rastafarian twist, and she inspires us to make our afro hair our crown and glory! She also has a YouTube channel with plenty of natural hair tutorials, from how to achieve the perfect finger coils to DIY hair masks.

Dephne Medyara

A post shared by Dephne Madyara (@dephnemadyara) on

No other vlogger can seamlessly blend spirituality and hair all in one place like Dephne does. You will simply be enthralled. This classic lady is a spiritual coach and hair enthusiast. Her 4b afro curly afro hair is shoulder length and grown using African threading length retention techniques.

Her channel is definitely more suited for 25+ audience after a classy look. Her tutorials teach us how maintain and grow hair whilst reminding us that hair is not everything. It is only a part of us, so we shouldn’t place our life and soul into trying to grow long hair.

From silk pressing to water only washing, her tutorials are always charming and informative.

What Lies Beneath The Weave

It’s always fun to tune into this natural hair blogger as her channel is full of so much personality. She has her very own colourful and unique style. At this sistas hair channel, you will find yourself lusting over how her hair seems to always be in place. Her 4a hair sits at waist length and she grows it with constant moisture and nourishment. Definite hair goals.

We also love how she combines her images with a little comedy, making the journey to long natural hair more fun and less stressful. She is a mum, vlogger and a great inspiration for women at 30+. Her Instagram style is glam with a grown up twist. Also check out her YouTube channel for some useful tutorials.


When you think of natural hair that is full and long, this awesome natural hair blogger has it all. She has 3c waist length hair which she grew with minimum manipulation coupled with lots and lots of moisture. She also used hair masks and length retention techniques.

Not only does she have beautiful hair, she has 3 absolutely adorable kids, which she loves to flaunt on her Instagram channel. She also teaches us how to maintain her kids hair, along with vlogging her life and routines. We would say her channel is more suited to those looking for inspiration from a casual, laid back lifestyle. Want to learn how to cut a toddlers natural afro curly hair?

Amber Janielle

Varied and versatile with a dash of hair cuteness is what Amber embodies. She has 3b waist length afro curly hair which she grew with regular maintenance, pre-pooing and finger coiling.

Styling natural curly hair only gets better if you follow this lovely lady. Her style is very bohemian, full of florals and all things hippy chick and summery. She is a mum and travel enthusiast with two beautiful kids. If you are a grown woman like me, her channel is ideal, especially for those that are 30+. You will also learn about not only the upkeep of natural curly hair, but home design and family upkeep.


Want full long 4a hair? With this lady you will be guaranteed to have healthy curls your head. She has 4a waist length afro curly hair. You will find yourself looking forward to her hair updates as they are full of so much useful information. She grew her hair with lots of protective styling such as braiding, coupled with regular moisturising.

From how to style twists to how to apply bentonite clay, her Instagram and Youtube channel is the bible of natural hair. Another mum and business woman, ideal for us grown ladies that are 30+. Her style is laid back but true to all things natural. Expect to find images of flowers, healthy food recipes and motivational quotes.


Picture after picture of beautiful black hair coupled with her sense of style, Zara will have any follower desperate to copy after watching a few of her hair styling techniques.

No word describes Zara better than ‘African goddess’. Her wild natural hair, combined with her unique fashion style, is alternative with a hint of African bohemian. If you have lost all your motivation for thrift shopping, their Instagram channel can get you back into the mood (It sure did for me!). Zara also has a YouTube channel she shares with her friend Nicola, where you can find great hair tutorials and product reviews.

This is only the tip of the comb in the world of natural hair blogger on Instagram... and we just looked at those with long hair here! So please let us know in the comments below if you are a fan, or feel we have missed someone!

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