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African print of the day with Christelle- Stella McCartney does African print?

African print of the day with Christelle- Stella McCartney does African print?

For our blog post today,

I don't really feel like talking about my outfit so I will talk about the new collection from Stella McCartney which is her Sprint Collection 2018.

Here are a few dresses from the Stella McCartney African print collection.

Stella McCartney used African print for her SS18 collection. How do we feel about it? We're indifferent. On the one hand, some might say it's cultural appropriation, it's only fashionable now a western designer has made it so. But is it really any different to Chinese manufacturers making copies of prints at a lower quality and cheaper price? Someone will still buy it, even if it's £10 or £1000.

Our point is that people don't feel a strong connection to African prints, as they do to other items with a perceived high value.

It's the lack of connection that makes us unwillingly to invest and make it ours.

My bag is from Aldo. All my Jewellery was a birthday gift so I am not sure but the earrings are from Asos.

The maxi skirt and crop top are from Grass- fields! of course. The maxi dress is the African print Suma maxi skirt and the top is the Crepe crop top.

I hope you guys enjoyed hear my view on Stella McCartney does African print and my outfit today.

I really want to hear your views. What do you think? comment below.

Love Christelle xxx

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