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Christelle African print of the day:  The nude spectrum

Christelle African print of the day: The nude spectrum

Wave your pompoms in delight for the African print designer Logpom African print pants.

Granted, when it comes to tailored trousers they need to suit your body shape. If you’re tall and boyish, high-waisted pants are great to emphasise your midsection. Whereas if you are an apple or pear shape, you may find that wide leg trousers can help to proportion your body shape.

The plus-sized among you ought to consider tapered pants, as they create balance, whilst if you’re petite a straight leg can help elongate you!

When it comes to the Logpom pants though, as long as your waist and hips are in proportion, then they are a win! Plus, they come in sizes from small to 4xL.

Today, I am matching the colours of the season, as I’ve chosen to pair these Autumnal coloured contemporary African print pants with a white shirt from Primark, layered with a sweater from Zara and my favourite camel coloured coat is also from Zara.

I say camel, though the coat does actually fall on the nude spectrum. But you probably know all about the controversy surrounding that topic!

If you ask most designers, they would say that nude simply means neutral, in that it blends in. But what happens when a ‘nude’ dress is worn by someone with black skin?

When Michelle Obama wore a beautiful pale dress to meet the Indian Prime Minister a while back, the press tied themselves in knots talking about the dress being ‘nude’ or ‘flesh-coloured.’

Personally, I think nude as a colour works really well on flesh of any colour. As a concept, of course, it’s understandable to see why people can get in a tizz about it!

Though thank heavens for the likes of Christian Louboutin who had the foresight to debut a ‘nude’ collection of flats and heels ranging from pale to deep to flatter all skin types.

Talking of heels…. My yellow gold heels today are from Zara and, along with the bag from Asos perfectly complement the outfit.

So, grab your killer accessories and get out there and seize the day. Let me rephrase that! Seize the African print day with me!

Love Christelle xxx

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