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African Print of the Day with Christelle: YOU wear the trousers

African Print of the Day with Christelle: YOU wear the trousers

I'm loving my culottes today. Waking up on a Monday morning with a clear blue sky, crisp clean air, and a full day ahead is a sure way to put a smile on my face. While the weather is beautiful, its still quite cold, so I've been pairing them with some thicker chunky-knit jumpers and coats to protect me from the chill.

Step into Summer in Grass-Fields large (and growing!!) range of Culottes!!

Culottes: Marigold African Print Wide Leg Culotte

I love to pair my culottes with complimentary colours. Take the Marigold culottes; pull the earthy tones and pair with a brown oversized chunky-knit jumper and wrap-around heels for a super chic look. Alternatively, pull the other tones - creams and mustards - and add a coat, jumper, vest top - whatever you want! Thats what I love about culottes; they're perfect for every occasion.

Culottes: Geraldine African Print Wide Leg Culotte

My motivation for the week is the passion to achieve my goals. I never dress to please other people... I only ever dress to please myself - and with this attitude, I've achieved so many things. Breaking the norm in life is something that is so difficult to do. It can be scary, it can be intimidating, and it is easy to drown in the sea of doubt. But remaining true to myself, my beliefs and my passions is what makes me tick; and wearing African prints is what keeps my head high, even in the toughest of times.

So remember; you wear the trousers in your own life. Make sure they're stylish!

Let me know your comments below, you know I love to hear your thoughts. x

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