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African print of the day with Christelle: Wearing wide leg pants in Winter

African print of the day with Christelle: Wearing wide leg pants in Winter

Happy Monday to everyone!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.Unfortunately for me, it was another busy weekend working in London. What was I working on? Well, I was filming a lookbook for you guys! I am super excited as I am quite shy sometimes but decided to forget my fears and enter the youtube world. Hope you guys are excited just as I am!

Ok, I have been busy.

Since I was so busy this weekend, I barely slept, I am actually praying for the day to end quickly so I can go back home to be bed. I know myself though, the moment I will arrive home, I will immediately open my laptop to work. I never thought in a million years I will be a workaholic! But when you do something you are passionate about, working long hours doesn't count.

Today's Blog post features African print wide leg trousers!

I am wearing the Venda African Print Wide Leg Pants.

In case you are wondering! My coat and my clutch bag are from Zara, sweatshirt from Jasper Conran and my sandals that you can barely see are from Asos.

Heres a little trick that I usually do during winter is to wear leggings underneath my trousers since African print cotton can never be as thick as wool.

Let me know below, how you wear your wide leg pants or trousers as the English would say?

Love Christelle xxx

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  • lynn

    your pants is very colorful and it looks nice on you

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