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African print of the day with Christelle- The power of wide leg pants!

African print of the day with Christelle- The power of wide leg pants!

African print wide leg pant edition!

I am super excited for this week! African print wide leg trousers are one of my most favourite pieces of clothing to wear all year round. The reason being is that they are super easy to style and wear whether for a casual day outfit or night outfit. It also gives you the illusion of being tall for us short girls and even taller if you already have long legs!

These beauties are the Nkuku African print wide leg pants.

My outfit is very classy and professional today as I wanted to show you guys how easy it is to include African print trousers into your closet! A white shirt is a must-have! It just gives the whole outfit the classy vibe.

I got my shirt from Tw Lewin Check out their designs @twLewin I love their pastel coloured shirts, you can also wear the pants with a sky blue shirt or a light pink shirt. I got my blush pink jacket from Zara to contrast the white shirt. Any light or pastel colour will work as well if you are planning on wearing African print to the office. Finally, my bag is from Zara too!

I hope this has given you some new ideas of what to team with your African print pants or Trousers as the English would say!

Speak soon, Ladies.

Love Christelle xxx

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