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African Print of the Day with Christelle: Sweatshirt Envy

African Print of the Day with Christelle: Sweatshirt Envy

Right! I think it's about time I do a quick review on our sweatshirts! We waited for months to complete the designs and really focused in on details... and they finally launched last month!

Todays looks may seem a little unsummery. But, the weather recently (at least here in London) hasn't been that warm, so I feel like it's justified. I actually came to work today in wide legged pants and a sweatshirt, and for the first time, I feel a human temperature, rather than on the verge of becoming an icicle, so thats a great start to Spring as far as I'm concerned.

To make our sweatshirts truly Grass-Fields, our talented designers came up with the patchwork continent of Africa, using the beautiful fabrics featured in some of the most popular designs.

To be honest, this is one of the blogs I've been most excited to write about. The sweatshirts are easily my favourite available on the market, and I love how comfortable and soft they are.

I like to always keep my accessories classic with sweatshirts - simple earrings and a classic silouhette bag always works a treat when giving a sweatshirt that little facelift it needs to hold a glam sophistication.

With that in mind though, that leaves so many options to play with in regards to the rest of the outfit. Pair with a pair of skinny jeans and heels for a 'glam' feel, mom jeans and wrap-around sandals for a more casual look, or go bold with a pair of colours pants or culottes to make the ultimate fashion statement.

With so many colours to choose from (check out our Tops section), there's a sweatshirt for every occasion! There's even a kids option for a full on family outfit!

Let me know if you love it in the comments below; you know I love to hear your thoughts. x

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