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African print of the day with Christelle - Challenge yourself to be uncomfortable

African print of the day with Christelle - Challenge yourself to be uncomfortable

How can I be confident without a head full of hair in my twenties?

Having being in boarding school for 7 years with a short hair cut - those of you who've been to an African boarding school will know what I'm talking about - it was easy to just blend in. Everyone had short hair so my confidence wasn't determined by hair. But things changed.

Some 10 years later, I decided to challenge myself and take pictures without hair.

It wasn't easy considering the fact that I was scared of the perception people would have of me,. Most women my age either have long curly hair or are playing with braids and fro. But you know what? I am glad I did it. Another fear I just ticked off my list! One thing I realised is the more I face my fears, the more confident and happy with myself I become.

My question to you is this:

What are you doing today to challenge yourself to do the uncomfortable?

I got my confidence from doing the uncomfortable

Back in 2012, I hated myself so much it was impossible for a day to go by without crying. Why? I wasn't doing what I love! I was studying for a Masters I didn't like, living far away from my family and stupidly broke while hoping someone would save me. Until one day when I realised that no one will save me - I had to save myself.

I was a good student but with the wrong thinking. If you are unhappy, don't make the same mistake that I did waiting to be saved! What if no one turns up? Only you have the power to make yourself happy. If you don't believe me, just look at me!

Summer dreams in the Kamata Set!

I love this matching set! The reds, blues, white, and golden yellow fit well together, and really pop. I've put on my favorite red shoes and some blue nail color to complete the look. I'm also wearing my little black bag which I adore, and it perfectly contrasts with the brightness of the print. Matching sets are perfect for summer, and I can't get enough of them!

The more you face your fears, the more confident you'll become

I'm doing what I love everyday, and it was only possible because I challenged myself and did the uncomfortable.

Live your best life ladies!

Love Christelle x

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