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African Print of the Day with Christelle: Runway Rundown

African Print of the Day with Christelle: Runway Rundown

It's finally the end of Fashion Season!

Whilst I've never been to a Fashion Week show, I love love love to follow the trends - my wardrobe is full to the brim of 80's inspired outfits, layering, sequins, pastels and colour blocking - if it's been seen on the Marc Jacobs, Chloe or Celine runways, I've got it!

The styles I want to focus on today are layering and colour blocking. I've literally always loved layering.. there's nothing I love more than popping a coat over an outfit - and the more layers the better!

Today I really wanted to look at the Goura Midi Skirt. I love the way this look has been styled - its colourful and sophisticated, and the peplum bottom of the skirt is to die for.

Colour blocking and layering can go hand in hand - check out the beautiful orange coat from ASOS over the denim shirt. The thing I love most about colour blocking is that you can vary it - colour block with all of the same colour for a great impact statement look, or mix it up with contrasting block colours for a more current and fashionable twist.

To be honest, I think thats one of the greatest things about African Prints; you can colour block them with absolutely anything. Pick the strongest colour in the print, and accessorise! Try your hand at contrast colour blocking by taking a look at the Colour Wheel from TigerColour if you're unsure of what colours to pair with your look.

I can't wait to begin playing with some of the other on-season trends over the next month!

Which would you love to see most? Let me know in the comments - you know I love to hear your thoughts. x

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