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African print of the day with Christelle: Make Mondays work for you

African print of the day with Christelle: Make Mondays work for you

Love Mondays in the African print Megan Pencil Skirt!

I am happy to present to you guys another African print pencil skirt styled for the office.

Brown is one of my favorite colors, I have never seen someone who doesn't look good wearing brown and it is so perfect for the office!

My jumper is from Asos, jacket from Acne Studios, shoes from Next, and my bag Louis Vuitton.

Most people hate Monday, but I don't. To be honest I always look forward to Mondays as I get quite bored during weekends. I never thought in my widest dreams that I would be a workaholic until I discovered the power of doing what you love.

If you sincerely love what you do or your job, the probability of hating Monday is very low. If you are in the job you don't love please resign today as quickly as you will run out of a burning building. I am not saying it is an easy decision to make, but I can assure you it will be the best decision you have ever done.

I made that decision 4 years ago when I had to choose to leave a secured job to follow my dreams. In the beginning, it was so hard I hated myself for making that decision, it is still hard today but I have never felt more alive.

Work that pencil skirt!

It is a feeling I wish everyone can experience at least once in their lifetime. Don't be scared to follow your passion and start living your life to the fullest! After all, we only have one life.

Make that decision today!

What are you passionate about? Let us know below.

Speak soon.

Love Christelle xxx

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1 comment

  • Helia Campos

    Hi Christelle,

    I couldn’t agree more with of having to do what you really love. Absolutely in agreement.

    My passion is fashion and beauty and I’m now in a stage of my career of having to decide between a secure job and follow my dream. I have at least make a decision that I will need to make a call in 2018 thus, not too far ?

    Interest so, you did not mention what dream you have decide to follow. It would be nice to know. Perhaps, some experience can be shared.

    Nice skirt of yours. Well done!

    Good luck.


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