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African print of the day with Christelle: Lets not clash!

African print of the day with Christelle: Lets not clash!

These pants are a real star(a)!

I love these Stara African print pants.

They are a staple piece in my African print designer wardrobe and are extremely versatile. They are contemporary African print clothing that can be worn throughout the seasons: all you need to do is match them with appropriate items of clothing.

Plus, the geometric pattern is such fun and the wide variety of colours they display give you lots of options when picking out matching clothing items and accessories.

Today, I have dressed for the weather and added some Western, high street items to complete this stylish look.

I think the pants are in their element alongside this oh so comfortable, soft, bright red sweater from Topshop. I have also added the pale blueish shirt from Ben Sherman so that I can take off a layer when indoors if I want: you just never know what the weather is going to do (or how high people will have their heating!) at this time of year.

My yellow gold bag is from H&M my shoes are from Zara I think they really complete this cute look.

Some people are rather reluctant to match brights with African print clothing for fear of being too ‘loud’, but as long as you opt for brights in colours contained in your African print styling, you can’t go wrong. You basically just need to make sure that your colours complement as opposed to clash.

And Autumn really is the time of year to bring out those vibrant shades! We all need a splash of colour on dark and rainy days.

Our surroundings display a host of beautiful and varied hues when the leaves start to change, so we should show ourselves off in some fabulous colours too!

I don’t know about you, but I also feel that bright shades can really put me in a good mood: I have a real spring in my step on this Autumn Thursday. I hope you do too!

Love Christelle xxx

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