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African print of the day with Christelle: Jump to It!

African print of the day with Christelle: Jump to It!

Every woman needs a jumpsuit in their life!

They're great for the tall, the small, the plus, the petite... They should be a statement piece in every African wardrobe! They're the hottest, on-trend style for 2018 - just check out Alison Brie for the Golden Globes and Alicia Keys for the Grammys!

Of course, with the #metoo movement taking over Hollywood, colour has been removed out of so much of the Awards Season's wardrobe. And it's refreshing to have women and men of all walks of life standing together to unite for a more together world.

As a girl who loves colour (have you seen the Valentines collection?!) I love the bold prints and patterns that can go so well with jumpsuits. Everyone always worries about being overbearing with colour - embrace it! I absolutely love the Tiwa jumpsuit - its off-shoulder sexiness has a really current twist, and its African pattern is to die for! It's pretty cold here at the moment, so it's always a great idea to carry a jacket - I loved pulling colours out of this jumpsuit and pairing it with a gorgeous rust suede jacket from ASOS, adding that perfect edgy-chic vibe that every girl loves.

I really think this jumpsuit is in its element in the Spring time. I've also added a luxury metallic waist belt from ASOS to really emphasise the size of my waist. Yet another great thing about wide-legged jumpsuits is they give you so much play with your body shape! Add a pair of killer heels and a thin leather belt (pulled in super tight) for that illusion of height and an hour-glass figure - perfect for those shorter girls like me! What I also love beyond belief about the Tiwa is that it is absolutely gorgeous on anyone.

The colour, the pattern, the cut, the waist... its all too much! I actually love the simplicity of the background in these shots, too - they really compliment the look and let the colours pop.

I don't know about you, but I can picture this with a pendant necklace, hair up, and the sleeves a little rouched, and I have my perfect Fashion Week outfit, all ready to go! Just throw me that beautiful suede jacket.

So, as if I didn't have reason enough already - I'm going to pop on my Tiwa, head out into the crisp, brisk air that London is so well known for, and feel a million dollars. Whats the point of stepping out of your door, if you don't feel like royalty?!

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