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African print of the day with Christelle:  A problem remains a problem

African print of the day with Christelle: A problem remains a problem

Before I talk about my outfit today, I am going to talk about something a little personal to me. I think we have all suffered from self-image concerns before. For today's blog post I will be talking a little bit about my face, and how I learned to be bold and embrace my look.

Facing your issues head on! While rocking the African Print Seyi Corset Dress with the White Pussy Bow Shirt.

When I was in primary school a classmate told me I had the ugliest face in the entire world. To say it affected me would be an understatement - I remember crying for a good week. I even remember going back home to my mum and asking her why my face was this ugly. Oh Mum, so sorry for being such a nuisance!

I can't remember a day I didn't hate my face! When @maceelegree made a previous post about a nasty comment she received from a girl (she has a long face like me) I thought to myself 'that girl must be crazy'.

I sit here looking at her face everyday thinking to myself ‘I have never seen such a beautiful face'. Then I realised something. If we have nearly similar faces, why don't I embrace my own face? Why am I so insecure about it? What if people judge me based on my face or don't find it pretty enough?

So I waited for the day that everyone will think my face is perfect, and you know what? That day will never arrive! I can't change people's view but I can change my own view and here I am today, posting a photo of that same face I have hated most of my life!

I know it’s not the biggest problem in the world, in fact it’s tiny, but I carried it with me for so long, it held me back and kept me from achieving the things I’d always wanted! Don't underestimate the things that bother you, they might be the issues that hold you back from being your greatest self.

As petty as you think they might be, anything that bothers you is a problem and there is no small or big problem. A problem remains a problem.

Be bold in striking African print

Anyway, my look today is all about being bold and unapologetically confident. I'm wearing one of my favourites, this striking African print Seyi Corset Dress which I've paired with the White Pussy Bow Shirt.

I wanted to go classic with my accessories today, so along with my black shoes from Miss KG I've selected a cute yet smart bag from Bimba y Lola to complete my look.

Is there anything that you felt insecure about? Tell us how you overcame them in the comments below. Have a great day!

Love Christelle xxx

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  • Shanita

    I have this ensemble and I’m so excited to wear it tomorrow. I’m confident that I will get many compliments because it’s such a vibrant dress and the colors are fantastic.

  • kerline

    Thank you so much !!! today is my birthday and after reading this i feel like they are for me.
    Now i will go and place an order.

    a new fan!!!

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