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African print of the day with Christelle: Whats race gotta do with it!

African print of the day with Christelle: Whats race gotta do with it!

You’re going to ‘wonta’ this top! I know I can be cheesy! but its true!!

Everyone should own a Limited Vlisco Wonta Top. It’s fun, it’s flattering and I think it is just fabulous! The vibrant colours are also a perfect choice for the season – and to celebrate ‘hump day’. Happy end of the week everyone!

For my Friday wardrobe, I have paired the contemporary African print fashion of the Wonta top with a beige skirt you can buy at Asos, coat from Asos too! (in case it rains) and my fabulous orange shoes from Zara for an added pop of colour.

Some people are reluctant to wear pale colours, labelling them as unimaginative and too monotone. But I love them. They are the perfect canvas: a clean, minimalist look that is easy to work around, particularly with African print clothing.

Pale shades such as beige, cream and blush also don’t date, so you can complement them with a wide variety of contemporary African prints for imaginative and stylish looks.

Colour questions not only apply to fabrics. I have been asked on occasions whether it’s ok for white women or South East Asian women to wear African print fashion.

One prospective customer than emailed me wanted to pose the question because she loved our products and was looking for a new party dress but didn’t want to be insensitive by dressing outside of her culture.

My answer? I said feel free to wear and fall in love with our prints! Fenty beauty – who are synonymous with black skincare and black make up products actually produce make up for all races.

So why shouldn’t African print fabrics be suitable for all?! No reason whatsoever. Black-owned businesses should be proud that people want their products.

I, for one, certainly am. African print styling gives a brightness and vibrancy to any wardrobe. One of our white British team members is a huge fan of our playsuits and she absolutely rocks them!

All I advise if you choose something that suits you and that you feel comfortable in. Working with nudes or other muted colours and then adding a signature African print is a good starting point. Then go out there and look and feel fabulous!

In till next time!

Lots of love Christelle xxx

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