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People Aren't Happy With Kim Kardashian's Concealer Range

People Aren't Happy With Kim Kardashian's Concealer Range

Kim Kardashian-West has once again attracted the ire of internet outrage. The reality star revealed a line of concealers from her cosmetics brand, KKW Beauty, but it was not without its critics.

Named 'Conceal, Bake, Brighten', the range was promoted with glossy insta posts depicting a range of models. Despite the range attempting to show off its diverse credentials, critics claimed that of the 16 shades only two could be used by black women.

Of course, the unfavourable comparisons to Rihanna's trailblazing Fenty Beauty, which boasts 40 shades of foundation, came thick and fast.

Some pointed out that even Kylie Jenner, who has been accused of failing to include black beauty bloggers, came out with more shades than her older sister.

Critics complained that only shades 12-16 were appropriate for women of color, and castigated the Kardashian for not including a greater range for the more melanin-rich among us.

SHADES 12-16. #KKWBEAUTY #ConcealBakeBrighten

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However, a model at the centre of the storm spoke up to defend Kim from her detractors after many speculated that she had been misleadingly photographed whilst not wearing the concealer.

Refinery 29 reported that Mouna Fadiga said: "I can tell you that they did not chose (sic) me only to pretend; I had the makeup on and It fits perfectly my skin color.

"I am not wearing any makeup usually so I know when I have it on if it's good or not and here it was the case, I even keep (sic) it on me and went [to] have dinner [with] a friend."

Jackie Aina was drawn into the controversy after multiple people tagged her while complaining about the small shade range available for women of color in KKW Beauty's concealer range.

She. Is Tired.

Some people thought it was time to spend their money with black-owned beauty brands with diversity at their heart.

What do you think? Should KKW Beauty include more shade ranges for darker women? Are you just more of a Fenty Beauty fan?

Chat to us on Twitter, and let us know how what you think in the comments below. It's always great to hear from you!

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