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Grass-fields African Transformation: Abbie Naija

Grass-fields African Transformation: Abbie Naija


The African Queen Transformations

Grass-fields would like to introduce you to Abimbola Zaenab, the blogger behind AbbieNaija. Across her blog and social media channels, Abimbola discusses beauty, style, and fashion. We got talking with the London-based Nigerian blogger about her life and what drives her before her African Queen makeover.

What made you become a fashion/beauty blogger?

‘Growing up, I used to look up to my mom who has a great eye for fashion. So, I gained so much interest in dressing up and looking good and I thought to document my styles through blogging would be a perfect way to share my passion.’

What do you think influences your style choices?

‘I think my style choices just come from me naturally! I dress according to my mood. However, I do get styling inspiration from people like Rihanna, @sandralambeck, @micahgianneli, @notjessfashion and more.’

Do you wear African print daily?

‘No, because I live in a country where western clothing is worn. Moreover, it is much more comfortable to wear African prints clothing in summer. It is always good here (UK).’

Would you ever wear African print to work?

‘I am lucky to be a self-employed fashion designer who gets to wear whatever she wants to work. And I do wear African print to work; it's also a way of showing off my stuff.’

How do you feel about African prints?

‘I love them! They are just beautifully and uniquely designed and I love how you get different prints and patterns with vibrant and happy colours. I just really love African print fabric.’

What culture do you identify yourself as?

‘I was born in Nigeria, in a very African home, with a very wide knowledge of the African heritage, so I like to think that I'm very cultured and I accept my culture more than the western culture I live in.’

Where do you get your confidence from?

‘My mother. I was also taught to love and accept my hair, my skin, and my culture. Oh and all black women out there that are making it at the top!’

What is your greatest achievement?

‘Every step I've taken towards achieving my goals in life. So… believing in myself is my greatest achievement’

What is your greatest failure?

‘I like to think that every failure is an opportunity to try again. So yes I have failed but I always learn.’

Was there ever a time that you felt unattractive?

‘I am sorry for those who have but I have never! Like never!’

What is your biggest worry when wearing bright colours?

‘No fear! I love bright colours and I make sure that I don't get them wrong.’

What makes you get up in the morning?

‘God and my alarm Ha! Nah... it's all the dreams and aspirations that I've set for myself.’

Do you think African culture has changed from when you was a child?

‘Growing up, I didn't think that a lot of people accepted the culture as much. Where I come from, it was seen as being 'razz' or 'not posh' to wear African prints or even speak your local dialect. That has changed a little now as in recent days, the African prints are now widely accepted and worn even amongst big western brands. Also, I like how they have been modernised with a twist.’

Why do you use social media?

‘To let people know that you can learn to accept yourself and your style. Also, to inform readers on what's the latest, give tips and advice for other aspiring bloggers and vloggers.’

What was your happiest fashion memory growing up?

‘Having to dress myself up to contest in a fashion parade when I was 10.’

Do you wear African print often?

‘Not very often. Like I mentioned earlier, I live in a western country where it's rare to see people in it. My African prints are mostly worn on occasions.’

Why do you think black owned businesses are suddenly becoming stronger and popular?

‘Let me think. Hmm because we are finally coming out of our shells! We've learned to love and support one another. I hope we have.’


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Abbie is rocking...




Rocking that patchwork!

Watch Abbie's full transformation below:

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