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Grass-fields experiences KATA KATA Brixton: An African Spiritual Food (Vegan and Vegetarian)

Grass-fields experiences KATA KATA Brixton: An African Spiritual Food (Vegan and Vegetarian)

Brixton's African Adventures

Exploring London is a must on those rare Sunny days in Britain. For Michelle and I, Brixton is that exciting spot with its harmonic diversity of culture and range of shops from high street stores to the wonderland of infinite stalls at Brixton Market.

African Food

(A beautiful stall selling African fashion accessories)

KATA KATA & it's Cameroon vibes

During one adventure we stumbled across an absolute gem of a café – KataKata. Charmed by the ambiance of Cameroon heritage the area is decorated with bold colours and original African art. A genuine sense of authenticity is present as the mixtures of aromas dance through café due to the open plan kitchen, allowing you to watch in wonder, as we did, as our meal was prepared before our eyes.

Places to eat in Brixton

(Our main meal being prepared)

KataKata offers a variety of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free Galettes and Crepes superbly complimented with an array of fresh juices and natural teas.

Menu vegan food

At first glance we were unsure of the menu, having never sampled vegetarian food. Stuck in limbo we considered whether this was the place to eat until we seen the warm and embracing smile of Franklin, the co-owner of KataKata.

We told him that having been “a born meat eater” We was having trouble choosing. As his mouth widened and his eyes gleamed he replied “No meat doesn’t mean no taste. It is just a new way of thinking”.

He continued to explain that he created the menu with the idea that plant-based food is perfect for the mind, body and soul. That’s why all the food is fresh. Derived from buckwheat these crepes are free from: gluten, wheat, egg and dairy.

Franklin patiently explored the menu with us and we eventually chose the KataKata Special Galette complimented with a Lemon and Ginger Tea. The tea was amazing! The fiery ginger, fresh lemon and sweet honey was a melody of sensation. The Special Galette, filled with fresh spinach, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, eggplant and cream cheese was my first ever Galette. All we have to say is… Where has KataKata been all our lives?

Words cannot describe the true beauty of flavour heightened by the fresh herbs and spices. We was salivating whilst watching our meal being prepared.

(Fresh lemon and ginger tea served in a Traditional Jamaican tin teapot)

Our sweet tooth lead us to the crepes, because there’s always room for dessert! So we ordered the beetroot crepe with strawberries, bananas, chocolate and hazelnuts. Seemingly strange perhaps but oh my god, was it yummy. The beetroot not only turns the crepe pink but enriches the chocolate taste. I would say the crepe’s slightly spongey texture is similar to that of ‘Tifrinya’, a popular dish in Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia.

(We told you the crepe was pink!)

( He folds the crepe)

(Then seals the crepe, so when you cut into it chocolate pours out!)

The Grass-fields Approval Rating

The price of this revolutionary experience can be yours for £15, ($13) which is truly remarkable. Where else in London can you find a main meal, dessert and a pot of tea for that? All made from extremely high quality and fresh ingredients growing around the store, only enhancing the natural African vibes and giving KataKata that something special.

The food was delicious, fresh and simple. An absolute 5 out of 5. The food, service and environment are so beautiful. I felt enlightened upon departure probably due to “the power of natural and fresh food” as Franklin would say.

Location was our biggest issue. We don’t drive so we know if you’re a non driver like us it can be difficult to get to. Although there are good bus links, KataKata is near a busy bus lane with little else around, making it noisy and somewhat intoxicating if dining outside. Although the choice of menu is slightly limited it is definitely worth the visit!

Want to make your own Cameroon crepes? Let the Precious Kitchen show you the way.


Address: 134 Brixton Hill, Brixton, London SW2

Opening times: 10am-10pm everyday.

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Have you ever been? Or want to go? Please let us know in the comments below!

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