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Jamaican Restaurants In New York

Jamaican Restaurants In New York

The Caribbean and Jamaican restaurants in New York will entertain your pallet as well as your soul. Witch menu choices to die for, these all provide incredible Caribbean holiday tastes that are the next best thing away from the destination.

The Door

163-07 Baisley Blvd, Jamaica, NY 11434, USA

When walking into this restaurant your first reaction is “Wow” as the staff are attired in black suit and tie. Located in Baizley Boulevard, you will find this fancy little Caribbean restaurant has an incredible atmosphere – helped along by its dance floor that opens in the evenings. It also has the option of take away if you’re not feeling the loud music and dancing scene for the evening.

It is a great idea if you would like to let your hair down with a couple of friends and enjoy amazing food (and burn some of those calories at the same time!)

Negril Village

Negril Village is a beautiful vibey Jamaican restaurant that gives you that perfect holiday feeling with its magnificent views. Located in Greenwich Village, New York, Negril does not disappoint. The restaurant has a more relaxed feel to it, as it is more of a lounge than a fine dining restaurant. Negril is a bit more upmarket, so tends towards the pricey side, but the quality of Caribbean food is definitely worth it!

Tasty and satisfying while looking at a view, what more can you ask for?

Miss Lily’s

132 West Houston Street. New York.

Miss Lily’s is a fantastic cosy New York restaurant that embodies that real Caribbean feeling. Miss Lily's is in Sullivan Street, it is a bit hidden away but once you find it you will wish you went there sooner, with it’s beautiful décor, decent food and great service this little gem is one for the books. If you are a night owl then you will be pleasantly surprised with this solid late night’s spot. Perfect for those long awaited catch up sessions with friends.

Caribbean Cabana

116-02 Jamaica Ave, Richmond Hill, NY 11418, USA

Caribbean Cabana is the new hotspot on Jamaica Avenue. It’s a perfect place to let your hair down after a long day, with a relaxed atmosphere, superb food, great service and small dance floor. It really does have the potential for a great night out! Caribbean Cabana also has a delivery service but this can take a while to arrive, so the food may be cold. It’s probably best to enjoy this Caribbean restaurant on site!

Markie B’s

Markie B’s is an amazing little Caribbean restaurant in New York, located on Junction Boulevard (East Elmhurst). The super friendly staff take great care of you and make sure you receive your food whilst it is hot and delicious. As they are a very popular restaurant they tend to run out of the popular meals, but all the other options are delicious so it’s not too much of a train wreck! Just make sure you get to this one early.

Port Royal Restaurant & Bakery

113-07 Sutphin Blvd. Jamaica, New York

Port Royal is an authentic Jamaican restaurant that is spot on with their flavors. You will be able to pop in on Sutphin Boulevard to get your little taste of heaven. Finally, a place that gets the taste of solid Jamaican food spot on. The only thing that they can improve on is to probably to employ more staff as they are a bakery and smoothie bar too, so you tend to wait a while for service. If you are prepared to wait though, you will soon find out why they are so popular! Good Job Port Royal!

Ripe Kitchen & Bar

151 W Sandford Blvd, Mt Vernon, NY 10550, USA

Ripe Kitchen is a Caribbean restaurant gem hidden in Stanford Boulevard (Mont Vernon). This little restaurant is especially popular in the summer months as they make mouth-watering smoothies that just hit the spot in the scorching heat. It has an outside and inside section, which normally works well, although it does tend to get a bit crowded in the winter months. Nonetheless, the food is spicy and amazing, the staff does a good job and you will definitely not be disappointed if you stop by here.

Caribbean and Jamican restaurants are known for their vibey atmosphere, great food and friendliness and the above-mentioned restaurants really combine all those factors to give you the best possible experience. These restaurants will only use the freshest products and authentic spices to give you that real Jamaican/Caribbean taste we all love.

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