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Best Jamaican Restaurants In Canada

Best Jamaican Restaurants In Canada

Jamaican restaurants in Canada? Some might think that that is a bit far-fetched or hard to come by, but it is often these hidden little Jamaican gems that will blow your mind and change your whole outlook on Jamaican food. Caribbean food is known to be hearty and full of amazing flavours and Canada is lucky enough to have a few of these diamonds. Here are some of the best:

Kool Katts Authentic Jamaican Cuisine

7070 Lundys Lane Niagara Falls, L2G 1W2 Ontario.

Kool Katts aims to make you feel at home with their cosy Jamaican atmosphere and hearty flavoured Caribbean foods. If you long for your home towns food or just looking to spice up your dining experience and tickle your taste buds, you should consider making a turn at Kool Katts in Canada. Their friendly staff and amazing Jamaican food that is out of this world.

Pat’s Homestyle Jamaican Restaurant

558 Queen Street W, Toronto, ON M5V 2B5 Canada

Located on Queen Street, Pat’s Homestyle Jamaican Restaurant in Canada is quite small compared to the normal restaurants but is well known for the most amazing Jerk Chicken you will ever taste. Walking through the front door you get hit with the most amazing aromas – a perfect way to get you excited about tasting the food! The only downfall of this little restaurant is that the service is very slow and that you wait a while before you get your food and drinks.

Caribbean Canadian Restaurant Canada

568 Concession Street, Hamilton.Ontario L8V 1A8 Canada.

This little Caribbean and Canadian restaurant is probably the best-kept secret in Hamilton. If you are interested in a giant roti or Jamaican jerk chicken, you should try this place. The prices are exceptionally good for the huge portions, although there is a little wait before you can experience that full flavour explosion…but it is definitely worth it! Some say you can’t get better Jamaican food unless you go to the island itself! Remember to take extra hot sauce, as this Caribbean restaurant says you are welcome to!

Seg`z Restaurant

503 Oakwood Ave, York, ON Canada M6E 2W9.

A lot say Seg’s is one of the best Jamaican restaurants in Canada. Situated in Oakwood Avenue, Toronto, many say that this restaurant’s only downfall is that their food is extremely hot! So if you’re someone that is not into that full-on burn then you might not enjoy this restaurant as much. Other than the burn, the staff are amazing and have a playful friendliness to them. You receive your food quick and it tastes amazing. Great Caribbean meals are hard to come by, but Seg’s is top of its class.

Patois Jamaican Restaurant

1286 Kingston Road. Pickering, ON L1V 1B7 Canada

You will be happy to know that Patois’s Jamaican Jerk is made from scratch and is gluten free; they also have a great variety of Vegan meals. That is amazing for those people who suffer from health issues or choose to eat a certain way but still want to eat a good Jamaican meal.

You can find Patois Jamaican Restaurant in Kingston Road, Pickering Ontario. The restaurant is very fancy looking and the menu is not very complicated which is great if you are a novice when it comes to Jamaican food. The food takes a little longer than usual but when your taste buds go wild it always makes it worth the wait.

Sunrise Caribbean Restaurant

4141 Dixie Rd, Mississauga, ON L4W 1V5. Canada

The Sunrise Caribbean Restaurant is on Jane Street, Toronto. This little gem screams “Jamaica!” with great food, service, and atmosphere you will find yourself coming back more often than your bank account likes. If you are someone that does not mind seating yourself this restaurant will be great for you (they tend to get so busy that they find themselves a little short staffed to seat customers coming in!).

Simone’s Caribbean Restaurant

596 Danforth Avenue. M4K 1R1Toronto, Ontario Canada

Simone’s is a great little Jamaican restaurant on Danforth Avenue in Toronto, Canada. The portion sizes are good and the taste is just amazing, although you might find them over spicing their food sometimes. The music is loud so you might not want to take someone there on your first date…unless you want to avoid awkward silence! The dishes are neatly presented, not like some places where you find yourself looking at a plate of mashed together food. All in all, you will have a great time at Simone’s Caribbean Restaurant.

Caribbean Flavah

Caribbean Flavah is one of the more sophisticated Jamaican restaurants. It is stylish, and full of sass and comes close to high-end resorts in Jamaica. Located on the Main Street in Hamilton, Caribbean Flavah has a delicious range of Jamaican foods. The only shortcoming was that their staff might need just a little training on the dishes they are selling, as some of them don’t know what they are! Other than that, top marks on the flavours.

And there you have it! The best Jamaican restaurants in Canada. Know of any we may have missed? Please let us know in the comments below!

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