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Follow These Fashionistas For Some Style Inspiration

Follow These Fashionistas For Some Style Inspiration

The fashion world is definitely evolving. Black women and women of color are becoming even more visible and being hired for major campaigns. While this is only a good thing, sometimes it's good to get some inspiration from people who are perhaps a little bit more relatable.

This is why so many of us follow instagrammers and bloggers. Yes, some of their lifestyles can look unattainable, but there are more than enough ordinary people simply living their best lives with their sartorial selections.

Here are some fashion bloggers we've selected for when you need a bit of inspiration.

Where Did U Get That?

As they say in her native London, Karen's blog does exactly what it says on the tin. Through her Instagram karenbritchick, this London-born New Yorker showcases her looks - and tells you were you can get her fashion too. She also posts twice a week on YouTube, talking about her life and fashion advice. Having New York as a picturesque backdrop for her snaps can't hurt either!

All The Pretty Birds

Born in Jamaica, Tamu McPherson has lived in New York, and is now based in Milan, Italy. She started off taking street style shots for the Italian edition of Glamour magazine, and has since been featured in and worked for many different publications. All The Pretty Birds, her blog, has its own Instagram account too, and covers topics beyond fashion, including entertainment and lifestyle.

Color Me Courtney

It's back to the Big Apple now, with Color Me Courtney. The self-described 'quirky' girl and proud bulldog owner moved to New York in her early 20's. Using her blog and Instagram, Courtney Quinn documents her life and colourful sense of style.

Mattie James

This mother and lifestyle blogger loves to show off her latest looks on Instagram, as well as her blog. Mattie James is good for some maternity style, as well as general fashion advice. The Atlanta-based blogger shares titbits on her blog, giving advice about food, and even on strategy to other would-be fashion bloggers.

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Love Brown Sugar

Another mother, Christina Brown blogs about plus size fashion, lifestyle, and motherhood at her other blog, Baby Brown Sugar. This one-time Dove ambassador is proud to flaunt her fashion creations on Instagram and her blog, and also loves to travel.

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