Why This Model Wearing Box Braids In A TV Ad Is A Big Deal


This is Selah Marley, a 19 year old model who was worked for Yeezy, Calvin Klein, and Ivy Park, Beyoncé's athleisure brand.

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She also happens to be the daughter of the legendary Laryn Hill. Selah now stars in an ad for Chance, a perfume by Chanel. You can the short video below.

Rocking her box braids, the young model embodies the spirit of proud blackness. This is important. A lot of high fashion brands do not recognise that black hairstyles are not only elegant and pretty, but are essential to help more women feel included in campaigns.

Shaming black women for their natural hair and hairstyles is sadly very common in the entertainment world. Even though there are many more proud black models on the scene now, the way their hair is styled for shoots and ads is often straightened or shaved.

It looks like this has been changing recently, with many more models rocking their hair has nature intended or in protective styles like box braids.

If I told you that a flower bloomed in a dark room, would you trust it?

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With big fashion houses like Chanel embracing black women's hair how they want it styled, and not to any brand's specifications and expectations, maybe the moment has arrived. Representation is important, and if more brands cast black women with black hairstyles, maybe more young girls will be inspired to love their hair and wear it proudly!


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Slay, Selah!

Do you think more black models should embrace braids? Let us know in the comments below.

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