Wakanda Forever? Chadwick Boseman Is Spawning Some Hilarious Tweets


Chadwick Boseman became a household name after the release of 'Black Panther'. The iconic Marvel movie spawned a veritable cultural movement, and has broken sales records in many countries, grossing more than $1.2bn worldwide.

Unsurprisingly, Chadwick Boseman was launched into international superstardom. Here he is addressing new graduates of Howard University at its 150th commencement.

An alumnus of the HBCU himself, Chadwick Boseman gave a stirring speech - and didn't forget to make the Wakanda Forever salute to the delight of the crowd.

Some people thought they noticed his enthusiasm dwindle every time he performed the salute.

Of course, this made for some hilarious tweets.

The jokes just kept coming!

With plans of a sequel and rumors of a spin-off, it seems Chadwick Boseman will be associated with 'Black Panther' for a long time yet!

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