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September is officially around the corner, which means that the season of layering and dressing warmer is nearly among us! It can be hard knowing how to rework your summer wardrobe for colder weather but it really is simpler than you think! We’re here to explain with a few examples of items that you can take well into winter!

Jae Dress

It doesn’t get much more timeless than a black maxi dress! The Jae Dress is one you can wear year round with some minor tweaks. In summer, you can wear it with strappy sandals but in winter you might want to opt for boots to protect your toes from the harsh wind. It can then be paired with any coat you want depending on the look you want to go for- a long chic coat or hip length fur for that extra va va vroom.


Ayate Crop Shirt

If you ever just want to throw something on and head out the house, opt for the Ayate Crop Shirt! This is a great basic to have and goes with all bottoms. Whilst it’s still slightly warm, you might be able to get away without layering, but as it gets colder a bomber jacket would work great!


Onyi Dress

The Onyi Dress is the perfect date night dress! It’s a sexy leopard print dress with a bodycon fit and ruffles down the middle. Need we say more? The dress commands attention and really does speak for itself. You can accessorise her with your favourite bag and black heels for the ultimate seductive look.


Shakia T-shirt

Everyone needs a white tee in their lives, why not add a little pizazz to your outfit with the Shakia T-shirt? It features a classic y2k black hair magazine print and is an ode to Black women we love far and wide!


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