Tips to Up your style for the New Year


The phrase New Year New Me is commonly used this time around where people try to reinvent their lifestyle habits, routines, and even change in style. Sometimes we get in a runt on our wardrobe and it becomes the same 3 styles over and over again until we dont know how else to dress and become complacent about our appearance.

Well that doesn't have to be the case, 2022 can be the start of something new for your style where you step out of the box and try new colours, cuts and styles you didn't think you could pull off in 2021.


Lets start with the basic crop top, you might be nervous to show some skin but I promise you look amazing! Whether you've got big boobs or no boobs at all we have a range of crop tops that can cover the girls or give the girls the extra push. Don't be shy, this year try something different this might become your fav.

Bright colours

Don't run from the bright colours embrace them, they can be your best friend. Colours regularly affect our mood, so try bright colours on the days you don’t feel like getting dressed up, to brighten your day.

High slits

Show some leg! A high slit makes you legs looks longer and creates shape in your dress, even if you're short.That one signature leg out pose can elongate your stance and give you the extra confidence you didn't know you needed.


Don't be afraid to show a little shoulder. Strapless outfits can be a great addition for a special outfit in the spring or summer & all year. Putting all the attention on your beautiful face is something that you're missing. And that's all I have to say on that!

Adding Patterns

Step into the world of prints most importantly Ankara prints. These bold African style prints come in a variety of patterns for any occasion. Adding patterns to your everyday wear is a great way to spice up your style that needs very little accessories because the print speaks for itself.

If you decide to take all these tips or just one I hope your style brings some extra positivity in the 2022. If you need more style inspiration stay tuned because we have more blogs coming and check out our website for some great looks.


  • Posted on by Shirley Bernabe
    I think your clothes are awesome. And ready to order a pants set. Were do i begin.
  • Posted on by Shirley Bernabe
    I think your clothes are awesome. And ready to order a pants set. Were do i begin.

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