The African Romantic Collection


In the following blog post, Christelle and Michele - twin sisters from Cameroon and founders of Grass-fields - answer some quick questions about the new African Romantic Collection, and why it is different to anything they've made before!

What inspired you to create the African Romantic Collection?

Where do we begin!

This 1,000 piece collection was inspired by our desire to wear something which represents the extravagance of African style, and combines our love of bold print and soft high-quality fabric.

Michele and I have always been in love with dresses, in particular African print Maxi dresses, and always those that were the most colourful!

Growing up in Cameroon our mum rarely bought us clothes - not because she didn't want to, but simply because she couldn't afford to. That is probably why we loved our school uniform so much! It was one of one of the few dresses we had the opportunity to wear every day. We also had a big love for animations, such as Cinderella, with her gorgeous feminine dresses.

Some 20 years later, we are still the same girls. We want our maxi dresses to be big, flowy, soft, full and romance. Is it too much to ask? Apparently yes, as we feel it is very rare to see these attributes when shopping on the high street. It seems everyone focuses more on providing cheap fabric on a big scale, rather than fine quality at a reasonable price.

After getting fed up of complaining and see all those cheaply made dresses we thought why don't we design our own collection? We normally use woven fabric most of the time... but what if we design our own maxi dresses with own soft material and make our vision come to life. And here it is .. the African Romantic collection just because we are romantic girls ;)

Why is the African Romantic collection unique for Grass-fields?

For this collection, we wanted to make sure the feel and touch of the fabric is a pure luxury on the skin, so we opted for the crepe fabric which is of supreme quality compare to the chiffon commonly used. Just see the video below!

You have to understand, we like to do things a little bit extra at Grass-fields. We always want our customers to feel like queens wearing our African print maxi dresses.

We hope to create more fun collections in the future! In the main time, enjoy this exquisite collection

With lots of love,

Christelle and Michele N.

Romantic African Clothing

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  • Posted on by MRS. BRENDA CLARK

    Hey ladies, I’m a 63yr old grandmom and great grandmom. I was so happy to hear about your clothing line and I think I’ve purchased at least half of your products ?; I know great qualify and you have it. I was raised by my grannie who made men’s clothing. I also love your clothing because I’m a plus size women and I see so much junk out there not worth my $. I love wearing items that represent my black culture?☻??✋. Keep up the good work. Ps, I have two sets of twin grandchildren.

  • Posted on by Olu

    I’ll always be a fan of your clothes forever! ?

  • Posted on by Amanda

    Oh my goodness!!! Yes!!! You are amazing and I love all of my skirts. I am addicted to your colors, prints, wonderful customer service, and fast shipping. Thank you!

  • Posted on by Erika

    Keep up the good work ladies! I’ve turned so many of my friends on to your designs and they have been so pleased with their purchases.
    I will continue to order my QUALITY African print and passion inspired pieces from only you!

  • Posted on by Dee

    I can’t wait!

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