Not Your Average Sundae


Afrosundae was founded in 2019 by Sanelisiwe Igboanugo. It started from her own natural hair journey and the frustration of not finding the right product for my hair type (4c) that was really 100% natural, added the right nutrients to her hair while making it manageable to maintain and of course smelt good.

Afrosundae is a natural hair care product range infused with natural ingredients, like Aloe-Vera oil, Black seed oil and Coconut oil which all contribute to the wellbeing and strength of ethnic hair.

All Afrosundae products are 100% natural and have been clinically tested and are suited for all skin types. The Afrosundae haircare range is also suitable for nourishment of children’s hair.

Just like the slogan “Hair is Strength”, Afro Sundae aims to provide premium products that are created in the nourishment, and strengthening of natural hair which ultimately leads to healthy hair and that is your strength. Afrosundae has perfected a blend of natural ingredients formulating a premium product that offers consumers a luxurious solution to ethnic hair care. The brand essence is illustrated through the brand colours.

  • White- purity & strength
  • Pink – feminine
  • Gold- elegance

Although the business has positively grown over the years, it is still overall in the development stage which is generally in the first three years of a business. The money that the business makes goes back as an investment for growth. Sanelisiwe have 9 years of experience in retail and supply chain which made her start up journey a much smoother process. Although she met with a lot of challenges, she was able to kick off her business within 6 months from its concept.

She says “It has been an amazing journey, I learn everyday! The support has been humbling, and we absolutely love all our Afrosundae Hunnies, we definitely would not have a success story without them.”

Afrosundae is the future of hair care, she aim to increase our availability and onto the shelves of big retailers. Sanelisiwe also plan to have the own brand outlets that will specialize in all things ethnic hair care.


  • Posted on by Samantha D

    Where can I purchase the hair care products, is there a website?

  • Posted on by Isola Dian
    I am interested in trying these hair products. Where do I need to go to shop?

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