Let's be honest about COVID


This is a long overdue post as we are nearing our 8th anniversary, we thought it would be important to share how things have been for us during the pandemic. To be totally honest, it has felt like watching something we had worked so hard to build, slip away slowly, with very little power to stop it! We have felt helpless at some points, but our spirit told us to not give up.

In September, we had to say goodbye to our factory in Cameroon. Our hearts ached knowing just how much we had built there; a community, a family full of talented people. People just like us, people we wanted to nurture. When the pandemic first hit, our staff were forced to isolate as their safety was our main concern but none of us imagined just how bad this situation would be.

We tried and tried, but it just became too difficult to operate from Cameroon. Airlines were shutdown, leaving our cargo stranded in the country for months. We also had to cover the costs of the wages for our staff as there was no government support available. By September, we sadly had to make the decision to cease all operations in our homeland. At this point I had one of those 'what do I do now?' moments, this factory was our beginning, our home, where some of our seamstresses and tailors made our first ever garments! Right now, our clothes are being produced in Nigeria, but we are hoping that one day soon, Grass-fields can return home.

It would mean a lot to us if you could share our pieces with your family and friends, and continue to support us because the more we grow, the more we can invest back in communities back home.


  • Posted on by Temi Omorinoye

    It’s been a hard time for sure, but I found Grass-Fields during lockdown 1 and your designs and fabrics brought me hope during subsequent lockdowns. Hope that we will all emerge again brighter and better. So please allow me to give back some of the hope you gave me, “Tomorrow will be a better day” . Keep faith. xx

  • Posted on by Denise Covelel

    Times are so hard now with the pandemic, I am a customer for life. Whether in Cameroon or Nigeria, I stayed in Nigeria for a few weeks and I have bought the most beautiful fabrics in Ibadan and Abeokuta and had clothes made in Osogbo. Wherever you go, I will follow! Keeping you close in my prayers 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • Posted on by Laura Mundy

    I’m so sorry to hear about the continued struggles for companies as wonderful as yours. I have purchased items for myself and for friends and will continue to do so. Hopefully you’ll be able to reopen at home and those talented artists will be able to return to doing what they do so well.

  • Posted on by Lisa

    Stay encouraged; I will stay prayerful that this situation with COVID will change and that there will be new and renewed opportunities for you to reconvene your important work in your home country! Your team is very talented and I have loved your beautiful creations.

  • Posted on by Joyce Hylton

    I have been shopping with you for a few years now. I love the quality of all your prints and the styles I have are timeless as I hope your company will be also.

    I pray God’s favour on you sisters and all of your business connections, staff and your beloved Cameron 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

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