How to Build Your Confidence


Confidence is something that we all struggle with and is a lifelong quest! It isn’t easy and the journey isn’t always pretty but finding self love is always necessary.

But how do we do that? That seems to be the question repeatedly asked, but has to have a definitive answer. To be honest, we don’t know the answer either, if we did, let’s just say we would be very rich people!

What we can offer is some words from our beautiful model Bee and some practical advice that has helped us over the years.

Words From Bee

“When I’m feeling down, I allow myself to feel down”

We can’t stress enough how important this is! Absolutely no one is happy and confident 100% of the time, life is filled with ups and downs and you’ll be doing yourself a huge disservice if you pretend otherwise. So embrace your moments of melancholy, feel your feelings in all their intensity but don’t let them consume you.

When you are feeling down, prioritise yourself, do what makes you feel good and relaxed, self care isn’t a one size fits all policy, find what brings you peace and joy and do that. If all else fails, a Real Housewives marathon is guaranteed to at least make you laugh.

Tomorrow is a New Day

Confidence slumps can feel like they last forever but you have the power to change the timeline. After you’ve let yourself feel your emotions, it's important to go into the next day or week with a new perspective and try to dig yourself out of that negative space. Do your makeup, get all glam, take pride in your appearance because these are all practical things you can do to make yourself feel better.

In the words of Bee “life keeps going”, because it does, and there are times you will feel on top of the world and it will be euphoric. So cling to those days and remember it’s only human to feel low at times!


  • Posted on by Darlene
    Thank you such grounded information. It is true to accept that “blue” feeling. At your earliest convenience focus on your Blessings. Then do something and turn to a hobby that lifts you or makes you happy to be on this earth.
  • Posted on by Kay

    Great conversation to blog about. Thanks for starting it Bee.

    I have worked with so many people that yield to society “pretending appearance”. My parents taught me to not allow society to place a perception on me. Yes, we have moments, but as you mentioned, its just moments. Don’t stay in that mood.

    Yes, we all have disappointments, unhappiness, and being down and out sometimes. However, I think it is important to understand why are you having these moments and be honest about the w-h-y.

    Think about it, there has to be a reason for being down, maybe not having a good day at work, disagreement with someone, want to be in a different place in life, relationship issues, whatever it may be, deal with it rationally and please do not follow or listen to negative. Please love yourself, trust yourself, what do you believe in (for me Jesus Christ) and take care of yourself.


    A huge problem in the world today, many people look for others to validate them. Overwhelmingly, many people think having a certain status is important, it is not. In addition, so many people follow negative.

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