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Black is Clean

Black is Clean

Alamanda Okori-Pommeret started her business at the end of her studies in 2017. This 27-year-old entrepreneur had a childhood goal of owning her own business but first, she sought higher education in commerce and marketing to facilitate her business endeavours.

Living between Libreville (Gabon) and Montpellier (France) she decided to go into cleaning services and household equipment. Her business, Cocoo'Neat offers professional cleaning and household products, offering its own variety of ecological and ethical detergents such as household black soap & more. Alamanda wants to approach the issue of providing more environmentally friendly and health conscious products. While celebrating her grandmother who inspires her.

Alamanda wants Cocoo'neat to stand out for its value and closeness to nature. She said, “We choose to fight endocrine disruptors by offering and using only natural and environmentally friendly alternatives, well-being at home and in space as well as the planet are at the heart of our actions”. That’s what’s going to make them unique.

The service activity generated profits at the time of launch because she did not need to make large financial investments. The main investment was made in herself because she was the only one to manage the administration and field interventions. "For the brand of cleanser that was subsequently funded, we are still working on it".

There is one phrase that appeals to her and motivates her every day, "continuous improvement". She sees every success and every failure as a lesson and an opportunity to do better. Alamanda does not take these 4 years of activity for granted because "I still have a lot to do in terms of visibility."

In the future, Alamanda would like a definitive relocation of the head office to Gabon with a diversification of the service offer and the product catalogue, international recognition across the African continent and also create franchises of the Cocoo'Neat brand to carry out several associative actions in favour of the environment.

Alamanda has learned throughout this adventure and since its inception that it is very important to create a true network and to maintain that network. Networking makes it possible to develop a solid and united economy, particularly in markets atomized by supply.

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