Female Friday's 01/10/21


Meet Tobi Oredein, she’s a lifestyle journalist, international public speaker and all round media entrepreneur. We first found her through her insightful and well delivered Tedx talk, where she spoke about how the beauty industry devalues Black women. In this talk, Tobi shares her opinions on how we can begin to fix this, and how Black women can feel better included and seen in beauty conversations. The owner of her own digital media platform, Tobi makes an argument for mainstream media to allow and encourage a space for black and ethnic women to voice their opinions.

Take a closer look at what she’s up to:

A snapshot…

In 2014, she launched a digital media platform called Black Ballad which intended to tell the nuances of the human experience through the eyes of Black women living in the UK. You may also have come across some of her writing in the likes of Elle, Grazia and The Independent. With a range of opinion pieces and beauty politics, through it all, she always uplifts Black women, which is what we’re all about! If you’re looking for foundations that won’t wash out dark skin, checkout her Grazia article here:https://graziadaily.co.uk/beauty-hair/hair/dark-skin-foundation-best/

What’s something special that she’s working on?

Black Ballard is currently preparing for their first ever book festival! Hosted digitally, the festival will span over three days and include workshops, panel discussions and much more. The festival starts on the 22nd of October so there’s still time to get your tickets. Get them here:https://blackballad.co.uk/events/bb-book-fest-2021?listIds=594123ceaa85b50275ed430e

Where can I find her?

Find her at https://tobioredein.co.uk

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