Companies We Love: Melange Mode


It's that time again! We're going to shout about another brand we adore for our Companies We Love feature. This week Grass-fields is excited to show you Melange Mode, a maker of chic yet affordable African print fashion.

This is Yvonne Ghyselinck Pearson. She started the clothing company in 2013, as a way to get in touch with her roots. Focusing on 'merging cultures through fashion', Melange Mode takes bold African-inspired prints and melds them with European and western designs. Yvonne rocking a beret while wearing a tribal necklace and gorgeous African print maxi skirt really shows her brand's vision!

A proud 'Afropean' as she puts it, Yvonne proudly draws on both African and European influences to create a fashion forward clothing brand with a foot in both cultures.

You can catch Melange Mode's popping pieces over at The Beehive in Atlanta, a designer collective for local brands!

Come back next time and join us on Twitter to find out more companies we love!


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    I wish you wouldn’t promote this woman. She has cheated lots of people out of money. She has defrauded customers. Sent incorrect items if she sent them at all and refuses to refund money. Check the BBB and at least Facebook reviews.

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