Companies we love: Fanm Djanm


Happy Monday from Grass-fields! It's time to bring you another brand that we love for our Companies We Love feature. We're happy to introduce you to Fanm Djanm, a fashion brand that started with headwraps and kept going strong.

With International Women's Day coming up, we think this brand has a good and relevant message. The name Fanm Djanm comes from the Haitian Creole for 'strong woman'.

Founded by Paola Mathe in 2014, the brand started with Paola making a capsule collection of just eight headwraps which she sold from her apartment. Since then, the New York-based brand has stayed centred, made locally in Harlem, and expanded to include kimonos, headbands, bags, and jewelry.

Haitian-born Paola started out as a lifestyle blogger, and still runs a blog and Instagram at Finding Paola, chronicling her style ideas and lifestyle tips and tricks.

If you're thinking of looking into Fanm Djanm, headwraps start at $24, handbags from $48, and kimonos from $175. And good news, they ship all over the world!

It's great to a brand that draws on the founder's heritage and stays rooted in the local community that it started from.

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