9 popular African Food Bloggers and Vloggers You Have To Follow


Who doesn’t love African food? I know I do. It’s not all about the taste either. It’s the sight and smells and the excitement of putting together a handful of fresh African ingredients and producing something that is absolutely delicious and traditionally African.

Once upon a day, I used to love sifting through African recipe books for inspiration.

But now, things have changed. With the internet at our fingertips, it is so easy to find something traditionally African with a new and exciting twist to tantalize our taste buds. There are not only recipes from dedicated online communities but vloggers and bloggers who write and speak about their passion for African food from every part of Africa.

African food is so vibrant and exciting that we thought we would take a look at some of the most inspiring foodies out there that really bring it to life.

Yeti Ezeanii – Afro Food TV

One of her most popular recipes- Kuli Kuli

Chef Yeti Ezeanii is the host of AfroFoodTV, a Youtube channel that takes you on an African food journey every Friday. Yeti introduces her 17k+ subscribers to the right way to prepare popular recipes from a wide variety of African countries and regions, and how to produce restaurant-quality dishes.

Anita McKenzie – Sistah in the Raw

Introduce yourself to Sistahintheraw

Rather different to the more traditional foodies we think of, Holistic Raw and Living Food Life Style Teacher and Spiritual Counsellor, Anita McKenzie, brings us her Sistahintheraw blog. She offers recipes, stories and food guides about African, Caribbean & Asian inspired flavours for those following or interested in a raw & living plant-based food lifestyle. As Anita says, “Raw Soul Food is sustenance for our body, heart, mind and soul.”

Rosie – I Heart Recipes

Most popular African soul food.

I Heart Recipes is a YouTube channel with over three-quarters of a million subscriber, produced by Rosie, who also has a popular blog of the same name. Twice a week, on her vlog, Rosie takes super-affordable and practical ingredients to show people how to make her favorite, delicious soul food recipes. Although, Rosie does not cook only African recipes she creates recipes that are popular and suit the taste buds of many African Americans. The recipes are easy to make so even if you’re a novice in the kitchen, you should be able to impress your friends without too much effort.

Oumou Bah – Kadirecipes

Kadire recipes are super traditional- Ethiopian flat bread

On her Youtube channel, Kadirecipes, Oumou Bah brings her 22k+ subscribers a wide variety of simple, delicious and easy to follow African recipes from almost all of the countries on the continent. If you love African food, it’s a good choice!

Nma – Nigerian Lazy Chef

Check out more recipes on Nma Pinterest
Nma once said she used to hate cooking because she is a lazy cook. She learned easier or shall I say lazier ways to prepare classic Nigerian dishes. Hence her blog title, Nigerian Lazy Chef. Nma celebrates Nigerian cooking and, in particular, her mother’s recipes which she often tweaks to better suit her own palette. She also offers easy kitchen tips for her fellow ‘lazy’ Nigerian cooks.

Monique – Divas Can Cook

Meet Monique

Monique says she is a “quirky, fun-sized Southern girl who loves to cook!” Her blog – Divas Can Cook – helps people to build kitchen confidence with tried and tested, easy recipes that many African Africans love. She believes that cooking from scratch is one of the best skills a person can have.

Aftrad Village Kitchen

This is one of the most traditional African recipes

Aftrad Village Kitchen is a homely feeling blog that offers simple, step by step true African cooking instructions accompanied by images and videos. She explores a wide variety of mouth-watering African dishes. The aim of the blog is to help people connect with their African identity whilst learning to cook easy African food.

Tuleka Prah - My African Food Map

Explore the whole of Africa in Tuleka's Vlogger series named My African Food map

My African Food Map is a fantastic ongoing project from Tuleka Prah. The blog, focusing on one African country at a time, brings viewers an authentic collection of the most popular recipes from around the continent, made by the people who love to make (and eat) them.

Freda – My Burnt Orange

Get to know Freda most popular recipes

Freda Em brings us the blog My Burnt Orange, where she shares her love of cooking dishes from across Africa and beyond. Despite being a busy wife and mother, Freda always takes time out to cook homemade fresh, simple and sizzling food that will have your mouth watering.

There we have it! Nine African food blogs that bring us hundreds of delicious recipes: From Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and more.

Check these bloggers out for yourself and you are sure to find something that will excite your meals with African spice. Have you tried any of the recipes from these bloggers and vloggers? What are your thoughts on their techniques and explanations? Let us know by tagging us on Instagram @grass-fieldsIf you’re looking for more African inspiration, follow Grass-fields on Pinterest.


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