African print of the day with Christelle: Embrace the big moments


Embracing the Black Friday craziness in the African Print Urbi Maxi Skirt!

Maxi skirts are fashion statements, pure and simple. They carry such an impact that they certainly turn heads at any big occasion.

We have been busy here preparing for our Black Friday takeover. It is always one of the biggest moments of the year for us so you can imagine what the atmosphere has been like! People have been running everywhere, manically getting stock ready, preparing our website and finalizing the special offers we'll be putting out this weekend. Last year it was only Michelle and me but now, thankfully, we have a whole team to help!

I couldn't describe all of this in one emotion. It is a mixture of stress and overwhelming happiness. I am living my dream!

I thought to myself, what is the best way to deal with all that stress? And I realised the answer was to embrace it and dress to impress yourself!

That's why I decided to style the Urbi Maxi Skirt today. It makes me feel good but what's more, I'm comfortable...and I have pockets!

Black Friday might be stressful but rocking African print everyday motivates me to overcome every challenge because it reminds me why we are all working so hard.

A large part of fashion is how the clothes make you feel on the inside. I may be strange in my thinking but I love the way that African print can help you through difficult and stressful moments and I would be so happy to hear how our outfits have made you feel?

Let us know if they have in the comments below!

Love Christelle xxx

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