African print of the day with Christelle- African print at work?


Three days in a row and I am getting used to writing my own blog! I am really excited about this and trying to feel more free in my doubts. I have been reading a lot of other blogs and trying to find my own voice. I hope you enjoy my reading my blogs as much as I like writing them 😊

African print is a big part of my life. My mum wore a lot of African print to work when I was a child. I remember always being really excited when she stepped out of her room fully dressed up as each outfit was so unique and colourful.

I remember thinking "One day I want to be just like her." She was my biggest influence in my life and even today I can not think of another woman who has such natural grace and elegance. It might have been her grace and beauty that makes me feel so happy to wear African print to work. I feel really proud I kept my childhood dream alive, it has been a very humbly experience.

For today's African print outfit.

I am wearing the Juma Midi dress from Grass-fields which I think it so easy to wear! If you have any stilettos or court shoes or even flats either black, gold or brown, you are ready to go.

My black sandals and metallic bag stocked at: The yellow hoop earrings I am wearing are sold out! I purchased them from

It was important to me that each collection we make at Grass-fields includes a lot of elegant pieces that can be worn easily to work. I sincerely hope in the near future, we will wear more African print clothing to work and feel beautiful wearing such colourful pieces 😊

Catch you tomorrow!

Love Christelle xxx

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