African print of the day with Christelle: African print in an 'Invisible gigantic fridge'


African print in winter...OK.

Happy Friday my loves!

Did I tell you guys how much I hate winter? Back when I was in Cameroon I didn't know what winter looks or feels like until I arrive here for my masters in 2011. Ohhhh my gosh, I got the biggest shock of my life when I experience the first breeze of wind and cold. Mind you I arrived in January with a pair of ballerina pumps, t shirt and jeans, I am sorry I didn't know any better! Hahahaha,...

I had to ask my uncle who came to pick me up from the airport at that time if the cold was real!!! How can it be so cold? Like, l literally thought I was in an invisible gigantic fridge 😂😂😂. The skin of my face was cracking everywhere.

Now. the fashion side, in Cameroon, we don't know what layering means since we are always in a summer mood. Even when it is 'cold' the most you will do is put on a cardigan so it was quite a challenge for me at the beginning to learn how to dress for winter.

Fast forward to today, I have mastered the art of layering. Orange isn't one of my favourite colour but when I saw this beautiful African print, I immediately fell in love with it! I knew I wanted a nice circular African print skirt but also knew it will be a challenge to style it, I like challenges so I was happy to give it a try.

For this look, I decide to work with the colours in the Greta midi skirt. My shoes are from Zara which matches the orange colour in the skirt. I then teamed it with a white shirt to add a classy vibe to my outfit. The shirt is from TM Lewin, to complete the look, I added a crop top sweatshirt from H and M which also match the blue/ turquoise colour in my skirt.

I am not really a matching type of person when it comes to African print but for this particular look, I didn't do too bad! I think. Hope you like it and let me know how you will wear a skirt as vibrate as The Greta African print midi skirt during winter.

I hope you enjoyed my look today feel free to comment below. I always love to hear from you!

Love Christelle xxx


  • Posted on by Ima Samuels

    Please remember that women over 60 enjoy nice fashions that are for sophisticated and mature yet exciting. I would love to support your site. That doesn’t mean I want clothes that look old.I w please remember that women over 60 enjoy nice fashions that are for sophisticated mature yet Exciting!

  • Posted on by Zenobia Bell

    I love the colors! I wish I could find that cropped sweatshirt! It perfectly matches the skirt!

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