Making of The Ameka Set


The Ameka set combines sexy feminine energy with impactful colour to create an outfit that women of every size will feel comfortable wearing.

The Ameka set was one of the most difficult patterns we’ve ever designed. The trial stages tested us, as we sampled the top 3 times. We very nearly gave up altogether! The difficulty we faced was trying to get the ideal amount of cleavage in the bust area.

We wanted the top to have a subtly enticing amount of cleavage, so we straddled a very fine line between the top being too low or too high. Thankfully, we pushed through and finally found the perfect pattern to fit our vision!

After creating the perfect pattern, we sampled the set in this gorgeous kente fabric.

First, we started by carefully cutting the fabric. We then assembled the smaller, more intricate parts of the set like the sleeves. After this, we began work on the bodice, and pieced these completed elements together.

We already had the ideal pattern for the Ameka skirt from a previous collection, so all we needed to do was apply it to our beautiful fabric.

Once we’d constructed the entire outfit, and sewn in our Grass-Fields label tags, it was time for pressing to give the set a flawless finish.

The final set was ready, and looking fabulous. We really couldn’t be happier with how it all came together! How stunning does it look on our beautiful model, Jerri?!

Jerri is wearing the Ameka set in size UK8/US4. The Ameka set is available up to UK24/US20, and can be ordered via our website.

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